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  • Ample Power Smart Chargers Charger modules that can be combined to get 15 to 220 amps, 12 or 24 volt. Data sheets and manuals on line.
  • Analytic Systems 300 - 1000 watt battery chargers in several voltages. AC and DC source models. Detailed specifications.
  • Charles Industries Chargers to 2kW - Switch mode and ferroresonant models.
  • DC Battery Specialists Complete battery selection from several manufacturers.
  • Exide Batteries Marine grade batteries for recreational and commercial vessels.
  • Guest 12v. chargers to 50 amps. Switch mode and ferroresonant models.
  • Interacter Switch mode chargers to 1kW, 6 to 48 v.
  • LaMarche Linear chargers to 1.8kW, various voltages. Online specs in PDF.
  • NewMar Switch mode chargers and power supplies to 1.7kW. Online specs.
  • ProMariner Switch mode chargers to 600 watts.
  • Westco Battery Systems, Inc. Marine Batteries. 

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