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  • Aerohydro, Inc. 3D surface modeling CAD software for marine and industrial design.
  • ShipConstructor Software Inc. Creator of the AutoCAD-based shipbuilding and offshore CAD/PDM system called ShipConstructor(r).
  • AutoShip Systems Corporation Autoship Systems Corporation understands that good CAD/CAM software must do more than automate design and construction tasks; it must facilitate communication, understanding, and cooperation between the countless professionals on whom a successful shipyard depends.
  • Baseline Technology Rhino plug-ins and GHS Geometry viewer which also exports GHS geometry to DXF.
  • Blue Peter Marine Systems Pty Ltd Software for hull design and stability.
  • Friendship Systems Friendship Modeler, a parametric modeling tool for the design and variation of ship hull forms.
  • Hanley Innovations Sailing Aerodynamics: Appendage. Software for designing a sailboat keel, rudder or fin. Computes side force, drag and moments generated by the appendage.
  • NAPA Naval architecture package including 3D modeling of the entire ship.
  • Proteus Engineering FlagShip system: a suite of ship and yacht design and production computer programs, covering the process from conceptual design through contract and detail design, to cost estimating, and shipyard material, schedule, and labor control. (IMSA Member)
  • Rhino 3D General-purpose NURBS modeler. Imports and exports GHS geometry files. There's more to a boat than its hull. Rhino gives you the flexibility to design the complete boat with the accuracy needed for manufacturing.
  • SHIPGEN CAD/CAM system for ship design and shipbuilding.
  • South Bay Simulations, Inc. SPLASH: a 3-D nonlinear free-surface potential flow panel code for aero/hydrodynamic design and analysis of marine vehicles.
  • Wolfson Unit Software for hydrostatics, onboard loading, damage, ship motions, power, propulsion, lines fairing and performance prediction.
  • Vacanti Yacht Design Software Prolines and other design software.

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