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Hydrostatics and Stability
  • Aerohydro, Inc. Hydro: a program for calculation of flotation and righting moments of an elongated floating body, such as the hull of a boat or a ship.
  • Autoship Autohydro: ship stability/strength software inspired by GHS; Autoload: on-board stability package.
  • Blue Peter Marine Systems Pty Ltd. Hullform: a program that can evaluate a full set of hydrostatic parameters for any value of pitch or heel.
  • Creative Systems, Inc. GHS (General HydroStatics): full-featured ship stability/strength software applying to design, stability book preparation, salvage and on-board use. (IMSA member)
  • DEFCAR DFHYDRO: Naval Architecture calculations module. The vessel hydrostatic and stability characteristics are calculated, undamaged or damaged, as in calm water as in waves.
  • Formation Design Systems Hydromax: stability and strength module provides fast, graphical and interactive calculation of intact and damaged stability for all types of Maxsurf designs.
  • jSDN The jSDN software includes a NURBS modeler, tools and wizards for hull, sail and appendages design, and can perform a number of calculations, including hydrostatics, stability, velocity prediction (VPP), and rating simulation and optimization.
  • Visual Systems Workshop A suite of programs collectively named Windows Modules for GHS, or WMG. These programs are primarily intended to be used with the GHS suite of stability software offered by Creative Systems, Inc. Some modules are more general purpose, such as Midship Section Calculator, Panel Weight Estimator, EditX, and Extractor.
  • Wolfson Unit Various programs covering ship hydrostatics, power prediction, stability and strength.
  • Seasafe Formerly SIKOB. Naval architectural package for all types of ships.

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