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Lofting and Manufacturing
  • Albacore Research Ltd ShipConstructor software for fairing and lofting including frames with cutouts, plate expansion, shell expansion. (IMSA Member)
  • Alion/Proteus Eng. Div. FastShip is used for hull design for production (final fairing) and tools for unwrapping developable surfaces.
  • AutoShip Autoplate, Autonest: software for ship production.
  • BAS Engineering ShipWeight: estimation of weight and center of gravity in the design phase, as well as for weight monitoring and follow-up activities during the building process.
  • Formation Design Systems Workshop: construction detailing module provides a range of graphical tools, and an integrated database, to let you parametrically create hull plates, transverse frames, decks and longitudinal structure for all types of Maxsurf designs.
  • DEFCAR Lantek Expert: nesting and cutting module -- 100% compatible with the major oxicutting machines.
  • SPAR Associates, Inc. PERCEPTION: software for planning, scheduling, managing and controlling the many elements involved in the production process of manufacturing ships, yachts and other large projects.
  • Vacanti Yacht Design Software B-Plates: flat-plate development program that is designed to read PROLINES design hull shapes directly.

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