GHS Version Update History from Version 16.50 to 17.00

GHS Version Update History since Version 17.00

Version 17.00A

SCREEN SCROLL modes sometimes misformatted output after dragging the border
increased the number of window rows.

SEAkeep LIMIT combined with SEA /RESP was trapping an unusual error for
certain combinations of response subparameters (since 16.36 only).

SEAkeep /BILGEKEEL no longer traps an error when component names in the
geometry file do not include a side extension (since 16.46 only).

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC repetition was sometimes spawning a bizarro duplicate CG
window on very busy systems (requires updated CG.EXE).

Version 17.00B

ENTER PM command COMMENT without any text was not attaching a blank line;
instead it was showing existing comments, which are now shown by "COMMENT ?"
(since 12.00 only; requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 17.00C

SEAkeep /BILGEKEEL now supports up to 20 appendage components.

Version 17.00D

TS /FORMAT:1 report was sometimes omitting the maximum sounding level row.

SEAkeep /BILGEKEEL now respects the shift in the seakeeping origin when
the /COUPLE parameter is used concurrently (since 16.70 only).

Version 17.00E

TEMPLATE /POS:SAME was not preserving screen position when redefining an
existing template dialog.

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC repetition was made more reliable on very busy systems.

Version 17.02

SEAkeep /ROLLTANK:part[\component],... parameter was added to support
geometrically derived roll tanks.  A new Tank Dynamics table is automatically
included in the seakeeping report to list roll tank characteristics.

SEAkeep /DATA:TAnks writes tank moments and phase angles to a comma-delimited
data file TANKS.DAT in the current directory.

ENTER PM statement DAMPING = f defines a tank's Damping Factor (or set
negative to restore default 0.1 damping), aka the "damping coefficient" or
"decay coefficient" calculated as f = b / (2 * SQRT(c * a)) where b is the
dimensional damping, c is the stiffness, and a is the mass.  Note a damping
factor of <1 is considered "under-damped", a factor of =1 is "critically
damped", and a factor of >1 is "over-damped".  Default value 0.1 is
recommended for smooth-wall tanks, but should be increased for tanks with
extra damping due to structure, coatings, or baffles.

STATUS MOMENT and STATUS INERTIA:POINT were not always reflecting tanks
emptied since the last SOLVE.

STATUS MOMENT was showing incorrect values for WDF type tanks.

Version 17.02A

SET PARSE "substring" "text" operator was added to extract all characters
before any first occurrence of the substring item found inside the text item,
or all its text if not found.  Thus SET X=PARSE "TL" "TITLE" sets X to "TI".

DIVISION /WING:b1,... and /HBHD:v1,... parameters now support up to 6 values
(increased from 3 for wing breadths and 2 for horizontal bulkhead heights).

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN view was not showing any fuel portion of WDF type tanks
extending beyond the lower sea water portion (requires updated CG.EXE).

READ was sometimes trapping a run-time error when certain non-ASCII UTF-8
characters appeared in a geometry file (since 16.90 only).

GROUP command was not enforcing for the first tank the documented requirement
that all tanks in a group must be intact.

Version 17.02B

FSMFLOOR maximum floor value was raised for medium-large vessels.

Version 17.04

SEAkeep DATA datafile [/HYFO:forcingfile] [/dataparams] was added to
start seakeeping in data mode, accepting input from the specified data file,
respecting * wildcards to accommodate multiple cases.  Data mode prevents
numerical solving for the current condition, instead using external RAO data
to compute responses and statistics in the given seaway.  However if the /HYFO
parameter is present, data mode uses hydrodynamic (instead of RAO) data along
with the specified forcing data, preventing numerical solving for hydrodynamic
forces, but still solving the equation of motion.  One or more of the following
slash parameters can also be included: /SAMPle, /CONFidence, /PERiod,
/CRTpt, /SHW, /MSI, /TIME, /DATA, /RESPonse, /NOPlot, /[CASE]SUM, /POLAR,
/MIRror, /GNunit, /RELative.

SEAkeep /DATA[:[datadir\]datalist] now supports an optional data directory
subparameter to specify the subdirectory or absolute path for creation of
data files; the default is the current directory.

SEA /DATA data files now include the number of wave samples in the file
header line.

SEA /DATA:REsponse no longer includes redundant "Critical Point Motions"
subtitle lines.

SEAkeep stiffness coefficients are now computed using waterplane inertias for
the overall vessel condition and not just for the hull component specified by
the /HULL parameter.

WINERTL, WINERTT, and WINERTLT system variables were added to return
the overall waterplane longitudinal, transverse, and product of inertia
through the Center of Flotation.

Version 17.04A

BML system variable (as well as BML and GML reported by GHS and HS commands)
was giving incorrect values at substantial trim when displacer components have
non-zero longitudinal translation vector shifts.

TWPA, TLCF, and TTCF system variables were not returning correct values for
frozen tanks.

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN@WPL[:BE] view was not showing critical points (requires
updated CG.EXE).

Version 17.04B

ENTER PM command RENDER was trapping a run-time error on a new installation
(since 17.00E only; requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 17.06

TCF and TTCF system variables, along with TCFs shown by STATUS WPL
and COMP commands, now give transverse Center of Floation using the standard
ship coordinate system (instead of a modified waterplane coordinate system).

VCF and TVCF system variables were added to return the vertical location
in ship coordinates for the waterplane or selected part Center of Flotation.
TWPA, TLCF, TTCF, and TVCF may be used for displacer parts as well as tanks.

STATUS WPL /VCF parameter was added to include Vertical Center of Flotation,
replacing the BML column.

COMP /FORM added Vertical Center of Area to its waterplane information.

SEAkeep was computing incorrect stiffness coefficients when /COUPLE was used
(since 17.04 only).

SEAkeep DATA now allows specifying data files outside the current directory.

SEAkeep DATA improved support for multiple data files using the * wildcard,
which only matches cardinal case numbers.

SEAkeep DATA importing of RAO data now requires only one of Period, Freq,
or LWL/WvLen fields to be given, allowing * for unknown data fields.

SEAkeep DATA /HYFO was trapping an error when viscous damping data was
included (since 17.04 only).

SEAkeep DATA was trapping an unusual memory deallocation error (since 17.04

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