GHS Version Update History from Version 16.00 to 16.50

GHS Version Update History since Version 16.50

Version 16.50A

MESSAGE PLOTSTART /PROFILE and /PLAN parameters were added to include
the vessel profile or plan on a custom plot.  For /POLAR plots, only /PLAN
is permitted, with the plan sized to fit the circle and aft end towards 0.

MESSAGE \ ... \ no longer restricts drawing centered boxes around only up to 10
message commands, and no longer fails when a quotation mark precedes the
first slash (since 15.28B only).

TITLE text /BAR shows text in the window title bar, independent of the title
on top of the screen and output pages.  TITLE /BAR restores the default window
title bar.  Any surrounding quotes are removed so they can be used to prevent
enclosed text from being converted to uppercase.

Version 16.50B

GROUP command no longer requires that all tanks within a group have the same
contents, except for groups that spill or receive contents between their tanks.

MVCGMARG system variable now returns margin between Effective VCG and
Maximum VCG even when not in Load Editor.

Version 16.50C

HEIGHT /ACcess was scaling metric units incorrectly (since 16.38B only).

Version 16.52

TEMPLATE appearance was improved for systems with increased DPI text scaling.

SEAkeep /BILGEKEEL improved handling of centerline bilge keel components.

SEAkeep /SUM was omitting the summary table even for multiple cases
(since 16.40B only).

ENTER PM command DISPLAY PRINT /FORMat:LINEs was not formatted correctly
using fine print (since 12.32 only).

Machine ID security was sometimes failing after inserting temporary storage
on recent operating systems.

Version 16.54

RA was sometimes skipping necessary table rows after finding discontinuities
solving for zero flood point height.

BPRESS system variable was returning excessive pressure for bubble tanks
with nominal load below the reference point and both below the waterline.

DISPLAY STATUS shown for bubble tanks was fixed to match main program
(requires updated CG.EXE).

DISPLAY STATUS after setting WATER 1.000 command was not always reflecting
blue fresh water instead of green sea water.

TEMPLATE dialogs no longer add a "Cancel" button at the bottom when their
only variable fields have the /READonly or /Gray parameters.

TEMPLATE static field "text" /Width:n now pads text with extra spaces if
necessary for its width to be at least n average-size characters.

TEMPLATE /REFRESH no longer stretches an updated image to match the
height/width ratio of the old image that it was replacing.

ENTER PM template fields and STR variables can now exceed 255 character length
(requires updated PM.EXE).

ENTER PM statement FIT HULL was sometimes failing to restore existing
deck edge markings (since 16.40C only).

Version 16.54A

CLEAR command was sometimes trapping a run-time error (since 16.54 only).

ENTER PM statement FIT was trapping a run-time error in rare cases
(requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 16.54B

HMMT TANK and heeling moment function angles were not being honored by RA
calculations for their 360 degree distant equivalents.

HMMT TANK extends the ANGLES list as necessary to derive the tank heeling
moment curve for the full 360 degree range (unless the ANGLES list is so dense
or its end increments are so small that the full range would require more than
100 total angles).

HMMT REPORT now shows HMMT TANK moments using double columns to
accommodate its full 360 degree angle list (requires updated RGSTYLE.DAT).

RA /LIM was hanging until Esc pressed in rare cases past 180 degrees and
sometimes starting 360 degrees distant from the requested initial heel angle.

CRTPT OFF had a very slow memory leak, so that a huge number of repeated
critical point creations and deletions could trap "Not enough memory".

ENTER PM statement SHELL was sometimes omitting shell offsets (since
16.54 only; requires updated PM.EXE).

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