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Run Files
--------Run files pertaining to specific criterion.
CRTHT Looping through Critical points and printing only ones that are submerged 05/13
DNVMODemonstrates DNV Marine Operations Range of Stability Criterion 10/03
170173Criterion for vessels of unusual proportion and form 10/99
171080fDefines the limits for 46 CFR 171.080(f) 08/98
171080f6Defining the limits for 46 CFR 171.080(f) (6) (iii) 10/01
173095bRequired GM and Max VCG using Towline Criterion as in 46 CFR 173.095(b) 05/02
BV1033German Warship Stability Standard BV1033. 09/09
HSCIMO HSC Criterion where the required area depends on the termination angle. 01/03
HSCIMOExample runfile for IMO HSC Annex 7 12/10
ISOYACHTISO Power Yacht Stability Standards 04/99
REQGM170Finds minimum GM according to 46 CFR 170.170. 03/15
SAILSailing Vessel Stability 46CFR171.055 03/99
RINALIFTMax VCG with the RINA Lifting criterion 02/03
RINALOSSMax VCG with the RINA Loss Of Lift criterion 02/11
THETA3Finding Theta3 in the RINA Loss Criterion 02/11
TP13313ECanadian Standard for Sail Training Vessels TP13313E 09/15
BVDROPBV Hook Load Drop criterion 06/10
CRANEDNVDNV Crane Stability after Hook Load Drop 04/11
WODWater on Deck USCG Method 11/16
MAXRA2Angle At Half Max RA (Anchor Handling) 08/17
--------Example Run files illustrating various procedures.
AIRVENTFlooding Drydock ballast tanks to the bottom of air vents 05/16
ANCHORAModeling the downward pull of anchors using added weights 02/03
ANCHORGModeling the downward pull of anchors using negative ground points 02/03
CRANEDemonstrates the sudden loss of a hook load - 46CFR173.025. 09/10
BMMTMINMAX Minimum and Maximum Bending Moment Values from LS. 12/15
BMMTPLOTPlot of bending moment vs wave phase. 03/08
BOOMDISTCrane distribution options in GHS 03/16
BOOMTESTDemonstrates the BOOM command. 11/97
BOTTLESUsing macros to reduce repetition in Part Maker 07/01
BUBBLEDemonstrates an air bubble in a flooding ballast tank 04/02
UNSINKRaising a sunken vessel by reducing flooding in a tank 01/05
CARGHOLDSolid Cargo Remaining When Flooded 04/11
CORGI Demonstration of modelling corrugation in Part Maker 04/12
CPFCPAA method of getting separate Fwd and Aft Form Coefficients. 01/03
CYLCYLFitting a longitudinal component to a transverse cylinder 01/98
CYLFACETDemonstrates that PM adjusts cylinder diameter to correct volume. 07/14
CYLTANKCreating a cylindrical tank with spherical ends 12/15
DBLENDMaking a fore and aft symmetrical hull from only one end. 01/03
DEADWTDemonstrates how to compute deadweight at given drafts. 04/00
DISPLCORProducing Displacement Correction Tables. 05/02
DOCK11Finding block reactions during dry docking. 08/13
DSTABBasic damage stability 01/98
DYNLIMRun file to find the angle of dynamic limit for damage cases. 05/14
GETGMTCapturing GMT Values for use in user defined calculations. 02/01
GRPTEXAMHow to Setup a grounded condition 08/15
GRND_PTSGround reaction for superimposed ground points. 11/12
HMMT2Combining Turn Heeling Moments With Others. 04/09
HM_ADD1Combining Heeling Moments of Varying Shapes. 12/17
HSPROPExample run file using Templates for common commands. 05/02
HULLBDDemonstrate Finding hull dimensions in GHS. 05/08
HULLBDDemonstrate Writing a run file from within another run file. 05/08
HULLBDDemonstrate Using Part Maker to create a component for some temporary use. 05/08
HULLBDDemonstrate Getting results by running a concurrent session of GHS 05/08
INCLINEExample Wizard File for an inclining. 05/02
INTERSimple example of intermediate stages of flooding. 01/98
LAUNCHLaunching example - stern first. 01/98
LIMDRAFT Intact limiting drafts to avoid deck immersion when damaged. 03/00
MAKESAIL How to make a sail component by rotating a profile in MC. 07/14
MAXVTMax VCG for various TCGs 02/10
MH1Calculating Moment to Heel One Degree. 06/12
MINGMDemonstrates a Means of Getting Minimum GM Tables. 05/05
MODUWINDSetting wind pressure profile using Res. 749 coefficients. 01/98
MXPROTOComposite Max VCG Curves Intact and Damage. 02/10
NORUNOFFKeeping the weight of tank contents aboard when flooding. 02/08
PROGProgressive flooding simulation using Load Flow and Critical Points. 07/14
RA-GMDemonstrates when GM appears on RA plots and when it doesn't. 03/02
READDemonstration of the READ (DATA) Command. 07/14
READ2Using READ (DATA) to propagate variables 02/15
RIGRFA sample run file for creating a column supported platform. 02/03
RIGSAILRotating Stations to create sail components. 01/03
ROLLONSimulate a rollon transfer from shore to barge. 08/15
ROLLPDTable of GM as function of roll period and draft 02/10
SAILSHIPFinding the maximum steady heel angle to prevent downflooding in gusts. 07/02
SALVSalvage example that finds ground reactions as tide rises. 11/99
SIMLH-1Roller bag launch simpulation using ground conditions & hydrostatics. 11/12
SKYPTForcing a given point down to a given level. 04/97
SHORTENExample of shortening a hull. 12/02
SUBSTABDemonstrating the Stability /GMT command for submersibles. 11/01
SVALUESDemonstrates using LS to get S-Values. 01/03
TANKLAYRSounding tables for a tank with layers having different densities. 09/02
TANKTRAPAir bubble trapped in tank. 03/08
TRIMCalculating tank loads to shift for a given trim 12/12
VARYSAILFinding max. VCG when cargo wind plane varies. 04/97
WINDMODChanging Permeability to get more accurate wind plane representation. 02/02
WUNITResetting original units after several inter-file changes. 04/01
ZHZTDemonstrates finding tank loads to zero heel and trim. 04/01

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