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Bug Reports

    Version 15.50

  • Downflooding at Equilibrium - RA /LIM was incorrectly including EQU0 with the angles prior to EQU0 that get ignored for downflooding
  • Versions prior to 14.82

  • Crane Module - Centers of gravity of boom and other non-load crane elements were not being rotated when the AUX, WHIP or OTHER hook was carrying the load.
  • Version 13.00

  • Part Maker LOCUS Statement - Incorrect centerline closing when last point is off centerline
  • Version 12.50

  • Wizard Text Truncation - Truncated dialog text due to an inconsistency in Windows 7 and Vista
  • Version 12.00

  • GHSX - GHSX righting arms when flooding is involved
  • Oil Outflow - AF version 12.00 bug notice regarding inconsistent outflow distances
  • Damage Stability Wizard - DAMSTAB2 wizard Bottom Damage section with areas to omit
  • Tank Waterplane Display - CG and GS version 12.00 bug notice regarding tank waterplane angles
  • Part Maker on 64-bit Systems - GHS version 12.00 bug notice regarding PM startup
  • Version 11.00

  • Downflooding at Equilibrium GHS version 11.00 bug notice regarding downflooding angles
  • Version 10.50

  • Probabilistic Damage - GHS version 10.50 bug notice concerning Probabilistic Damage
  • Version 10.0 and earlier

  • Calibrated Tanks - GHS version 10.00 bug Notice to Calibrated tank users
  • FSM of Spilling Tanks - GHS version 8.50-10.00 bug notice regarding tanks in Spill mode.
  • Manual Corrigenda

  • DAMSTAB command - GHS version 7.00-11.50 macro example

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