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The Undisclosed Magnificent Interface
(Requires GHS, Load Editor (LEw), Condition Graphics)

If you configure GHS for onboard use, you are familiar with the rich array of options in the GLM_MAKER wizard.

Here is the setup screen where you select the elements that you want to appear in the condition report:

The order of the presentation can be specified too:

An under-appreciated fact is that GLM_MAKER has an option whereby you can have a series of conditions in your output.

For onboard use, each report will represent one condition. But there is also this option that makes it suitable for preparing a T&S book where you have multiple conditions in the report.

Various stability criteria are available to choose from, any number of which can be included in the report.

Each criterion has a "setup" dialog that allows you to match it to a particular regulation (or a particular interpretation of a regulation).

Several damage criteria are available as well:

Likewise a number of lifting criteria are offered:

Similarly longitudinal strength has configuration options (torsion is available too):

Anyone with a current version of GHS, LEw, and CG can make use of this "magnificent" interface. Simply download the GLMCFG.ZIP package and copy the files to your GHS program folder. Then run GLM_MAKER.WIZ, and have fun!

Now with little or no extra effort you will also have produced the GLM "trim and stability calculator" for onboard use to please your client. And the inspector will appreciate that numbers match the T&S book exactly.

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