Oil Spill Calculations

When a ship or barge spills oil as a result of damage to one or more tanks, the amount of oil spilled can be calculated, based on the observed condition of the vessel. In cases where water replaces some of the spilled oil, it may be impractical to determine the amount of oil remaining in the tank simply by observation. But it can be calculated through a consideration of the pressure balance at the point of damage.

GHS performs this calculation where the tank is either vented or sealed. If sealed, it considers the pressure (or vacuum) of the air in the tank above the oil as a contributor to the pressure at the point of damage.

Using the powerful commands in GHS, it is possible to calculate and report the total oil spilled from a vessel with multiple tanks damaged in any floating or grounded condition. Once the model is set up by the user, the amount of spilled oil can be instantly recalculated when changes are made to the condition of loading or grounding due to tidal differences.

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