GHS Version Update History from Version 17.00 to 17.50

GHS Version Update History since Version 17.50

Version 17.50A

MAXVCG risked looping endlessly in rare capsize cases (since 17.14 only).

HMMT REPORT for band-method wind risked trapping a run-time error in rare cases.

TEMPLATE field VARIABLE @"filespec" for relative filespecs outside the
current directory failed to look in the library, program, and path directories
as done for static image @"filespec".

DISPLAY STATUS increased maximum number of list items from 1000 to 2000
(requires updated CG.EXE).

SEAkeep /BILGEKEEL was truncating very long appendage subparameter strings.

Version 17.50B

TEMPLATE field @"filespec" parameters support "^" prefix for library path
and "^^" for program directory in the same way as other commands.

TEMPLATE field CHECK and RADIO were sometimes truncating /BOLD text
on systems scaled to show larger text size for retina screens.

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