GHS Version Update History from Version 18.00 to 18.50

GHS Version Update History since Version 18.50

Version 18.50A

LS solving was not always ensuring the deflection curve returned to precisely
zero at both ends, in extreme cases sometimes writing invalid zero length
for the DEFLECT command in Save Files.

PM statement FIT for catamaran shapes risked rare run-time errors (since 17.86
only; requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 18.52

CRTPT /FLood:fvar /TAnk:tvar /INside:ivar /ACcess parameters were added to
access flood status (FL, TI, or NO), linked tank name, and inside tank name.

TYPE INtact /FLDeffect subparameter was added to have FLOODED type effects
for disabling critical points with CRTPT /TANK and /INSIDE parameters and
for overriding permeability with PERM FLOOD in intermediate flooding stages.

LIMIT RAR AT angle was behaving like LIMIT RAR BETWEEN EQU AND angle
instead of measuring the precise Righting Arm Ratio at the given angle.

DRAFT /PRINT was restored to use regular NOTE-compatible output even in fancy
reports, optionally using proportional font if MESSAGE REPFONT is in effect,
thereby no longer skipping an extra line between DRAFTs (since 18.14 only).

were showing any final "Note:" lines in blue instead of standard black color
(requires updated RGSTYLE.DAT).

PM statements SHELL and FIT create more consistent inner shells for centerline
catamaran-like bottoms and no longer risk distorting non-centerline shapes
(since 16.42 only; requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 18.54

SEAkeep /ROLLTANK was sometimes yielding undefined results for tanks which are
not strongly U-shaped and have low fill levels.

Version 18.56

SEAkeep was sometimes trapping a run-time error when /ROLLTANK was not present
following previous SEAkeep commands that included /ROLLTANK.

SEAkeep /ROLLTANK now only includes tanks with fill levels above 1% and below
90%, as beyond these values the underlying theory is invalid.  Note that for
low fill levels, the validity should still be questioned.

SEAkeep /ROLLTANK was returning undefined results for low fill levels with
U-style tanks (since 18.54 only).

Version 18.58

DISPLAY STATUS /3D improved normal vector logic for surface panels on flat ends
(requires updated CG.EXE).

PM command SURFACE was sometimes inverting normal vectors in rare instances
(requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 18.60

CRTPT increased maximum Critical Point number from 400 to 600 (requires updated

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