GHS Version Update History from Version 17.00 to 17.50

GHS Version Update History since Version 17.50

Version 17.50A

MAXVCG risked looping endlessly in rare capsize cases (since 17.14 only).

HMMT REPORT for band-method wind risked trapping a run-time error in rare cases.

TEMPLATE field VARIABLE @"filespec" for relative filespecs outside the
current directory failed to look in the library, program, and path directories
as done for static image @"filespec".

DISPLAY STATUS increased maximum number of list items from 1000 to 2000
(requires updated CG.EXE).

SEAkeep /BILGEKEEL was truncating very long appendage subparameter strings.

Version 17.50B

TEMPLATE field @"filespec" parameters support "^" prefix for library path
and "^^" for program directory in the same way as other commands.

TEMPLATE field CHECK and RADIO were sometimes truncating /BOLD text
on systems scaled to show larger text size for retina screens.

Version 17.52

WIND (PRessure) p1 @ h1, ..., pn @ hn risked run-time errors or wrong answers
when height h1=0 but pressure p1 significantly exceeds 0 (since 17.46 only).

Load Editor risked a rare run-time error when right-clicking a spilling or
bubble tank for load details.

Version 17.52A

ADD (n)|"description" /ACCESS added access to /GYRadius and /BOX information,
setting variables to empty if not assigned, "OFF" if no inertia, "*" to include
inertia from any longitudinal distribution, or else the numeric value.

SET operator POWER and braced expression operator "^" were giving inconsistent
results for negative base values, but now return the same correct result (which
is Undefined or an error for non-integral exponents).

Version 17.54

TEMPLATE /REFRESH now disables or enables any /Gray:varname dialog fields
to reflect the current values of their variables.

Version 17.56

TEMPLATE "label" /REFRESH:n resets a new label (space permitting) into the
top dialog's nth field if it is a text, box, button, check, or radio field.

TEMPLATE /Color:c /Backcolor:b /REFRESH:n resets foreground and
background color of the top dialog's nth field if it is a text, box, input, or
already-colored button field.

MC infile.GF FIXUP|outfile.GF now supports /SCALE and /SHIFT parameters
(requires updated MC.EXE).

MC infile.GF outfile.HUL was not correctly targeting output station range
from 0 (AP) to 20 (FP) relative to Length Between Perpendiculars; now PRECAL
conversions can get FP and AP from /LOCrange:fp,ap parameter (since 17.18 only).

Version 17.56A

PRINT ^[^]file was failing to find the print file in the library path or
program directory.

Version 17.56B

END command inside a macro was not working reliably, but now terminates the
active run file along with any macros it executed; if no run file was active
(or if it started a live Load Editor session), then nothing is terminated.

Version 17.56C

MACRO /FUNCTION evaluation involving strings containing quote marks risked
trapping a run-time error.

RA limit evaluation for ANG FROM EQU TO FLD with a tight point just barely
submerged at EQU now fails showing -0.00 attained value instead of sometimes
passing with 0.00 or LARGE attained value.

Version 17.58

RA limit evaluation for ANG FROM EQU TO FLD > value with non-zero limit value
was not always ignoring tight points just barely submerged as EQU.

Version 17.60

RA limit evaluation for AREA and other non-ANGLE limits involving FLD angle
normally attain zero for any flooding at EQU, but were inconsistently giving
non-zero results for a tiny range of near-zero tight point submersion depths.

RA limit evaluation for ANG FROM EQU TO FLD with a tight point just submerged
at EQU was still not always working correctly when a third angle was present
(since 17.56C only).

ADD, CRTPT, REFPT, PROP, and WEIGHT syntax *+n or *-n was trapping
an error when offsetting the current center coordinate by zero.

TEMPLATE static text fields alone on a line or at the end of a template were
sometimes misformatted when used with /RRight or /RCenter parameters.

DYNSTAB /RES was incorrectly converting resistance force coefficient units.

DYNSTAB PL /LEVEL:2 was incorrectly computing the C2 indices, not showing
the interpolated LPLi value in the Long Term Vulnerability Index table, and
sometimes yielding large angles of vanishing stability in waves.

DYNSTAB SB /LEVEL:2 was omitting the first wave steepness increment leading to
rare reductions in C index and sometimes computing an incorrect critical RPM.

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