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Defines limits for 46 CFR 171.080(f) damage stability for passenger vessels.
    macro 171080f
    `defines limits for 46 CFR 171.080(f) damage stability for passenger vessels
    `two compartment flooding on partially protected waters
    `does not include provisions for intermediate flooding, subparagraphs (8),(9)
    limit title 46 CFR 171.080(f)
    limit(1) angle from equil to ra0 > 10           `for partially protected waters
    limit(2) angle from equil to fld > 10           `for partially protected waters
    limit(3) area from equil to ra0 or fld > 2.82   `0.015m-rad = 2.82ft-deg
    limit(4) ra at max > %1
    `limit(5) will need to be evaluated using crtpt and reporting with st crtpt
    limit(6) angle at equil < 12    `for two compartment
    limit(7) angle from equil to di > 0
    `following statements to be added to the damage stability run file commands
    variable (real) windmom,paxmom,maxmom
    variable (real) gznom,gzreq
    wind(pressure) 0.00251  `120 N/m2 = 0.00251 kips/ft2 = 0.01224 mtons/m2
    set paxmom=11.8        `sets maximum pax/lifeboat moment from
                            `use appropriate units
    hmmt wind
    set windmom = {hmmt}
    hmmt off
    if {windmom}>={paxmom} then set maxmom={windmom} else set maxmom={paxmom}
    set gznom={maxmom} divide {displ} plus 0.131    `0.04m = 0.131ft
    `note, this step must be executed in the intact condition
    set gzreq=0.75 times {gznom}
    if {gzreq} < 0.328 then set gzreq = 0.328         `0.10m = 0.328ft
    .171080f {gzreq}
    \Wind Heeling moment = {windmom} kip-ft
    \Pax Heeling moment = {paxmom} kip-ft

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