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Flooding drydock ballast tanks to the bottom of air vents
    `Demonstrates using GHS to figure out where a drydock will sink down to.
    `When the flood valves are left open the tanks will load to the
    `bottom of the air vents in each ballast tank.
    proj bubble
    `Make a simple hull with tanks:
    enter pm
    create hull
    ends 0 100
    out 10
    top 10
    bot 0
    create tank1.c
    ends 30 50
    fit hull.c
    create tank2.c
    ends 50 70
    fit hull.c
    quit pm
    `Establish light ship:
    depth 5
    vcg 5
    solve weight, lcg
    tank * `<-- selects all tanks
    type bubble
    `The point of flooding/venting is represented by the reference point:
    ref top `Reference points at top
    ref * * 6 `Now lower the vertical coordinate to vent bottom.
    `Since the tanks will not flood until the water level is at or above the
    `reference points, we have to load them to that point explicitly.  This
    `also establishes the 1-atmosphere air volume:
    load ref:0
    `Now solve for equilibrium and report the status:
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