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Wind Area from Band Method.
    `Download BOX.GF for use with this example.
    proj BandArea
    read  `length=50m, beam=20m, depth=10m
    `only override the Shape Factors if you want actual area instead of effective area
    comp * /sf:1  `GF needs to be reread to restore original SFs
    `define wind heeling moment with zero pressure gradient
    variable pressure=0.1
    wind (pressure) {pressure}
    \pressure={ pressure:2} {wunit}/{lunit}^2
    hmmt wind /band:0.02
    macro bandarea
     hmmt report
     \system variable windf={ windf:2} {wunit}
     variable area
     set area={windf} div {pressure}
     \             band area={  area:2} {lunit}^2
     set area=10 minus {depth} times 50            `formula specific to BOX.GF at trim=0
     \           actual area={  area:2} {lunit}^2
    tr 0
    dr 4.0
    dr 4.05
    dr 4.1
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