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Demonstration of an approach to implementing the German Warship Stability Standard BV1033
    `Demonstration of an approach to implementing
    `the German Warship Stability Standard BV1033
    proj BV1033
    LBP 0 94.0F
    variable (str) repname=""
    report {repname} /p:1 /nograph
    set PAGES=2
    \\\Average Righting Arms in Waves\
    macro rawaves
     wave {wphase} {wlen} {wamp}
     solve trim
     set racum={racum} plus {RAH}
     set wphase = {wphase} plus {wphasei}
    macro raw
     set wphase=0, racum=0
     set racum={racum} div %1
     wave off
    macro wh1
     heel {h}
     .raw %1
     variable h{n}, ra{n}, wra{n}, ha{n}
     set h{n} = {h}
     solve trim
     set ra{n} = {RAH}
     set wra{n} = {racum}
     set ha{n} = {HMMT} div {WEIGHT}
     set h = {h} plus 5
     set n = {n} plus 1
    macro wrep
     variable rra,rwra
     set rra = {ra{n}} minus {ha{n}}
     set rwra = {wra{n}} minus {ha{n}}
     \{ h{n}:0}    { ra{n}:3} { wra{n}:3}    { ha{n}:3}     { rra:3}  { rwra:3}\
     set n = {n} plus 1
    macro wh
     variable wlen,wamp,wphase, wphasei, h, racum, n, oldpage
     set oldpage={PAGES}
     report off
     report temp
     screen nograph
     set wlen = {AP} minus {FP}
     set wamp = {wlen} div 20 plus 10.0
     set wamp = {wlen} div {wamp} times 10 plus 0.5
     set wamp = trunc {wamp}
     set wamp = {wamp} div 10
     set n = %1 plus 1
     set wphasei = 360 div {n}
     set h = 0
     set n = 10
     .wh1(19) %1
     screen graph
     report off
     set PAGES = 3
     report {repname} /append /p:{oldpage}
     \Wave Amplitude: {wamp:2}   Wave Length: {wlen:2}   Number of phases: %1\
     \               Righting Arms                      Residual Arms   \
     \Heel Angle  Flat-Water     Waves  Heeling Arm    Flat-Water     Waves\
     set n = 10
     hmmt off
     heel 0
    macro hm1
     set f = cos {h}
     set f = {f} power 3
     set f = 0.75 times {f} plus 0.25
     set hm = {HMMT} times {f}
     set hms = "{hms} {hm}@{h}"
     set h = {h} plus 5
    macro hmmt
      heel 0
      solve trim
      hmmt wind /const
      hmmt report
      variable f,hm,h
      variable (str) hms
      set h=0
      hmmt {hms}
    macro draft
     `Ship weight & CG:
     trim 0 | heel 0
     draft %1
     vcg %2
     solve weight, lcg
     status weight, displ /noref
     .wh 10   `<-- number of wave phases
    wind 80
    `Drafts & VCGs
    .draft 5 5
    .draft 6 5.5
    print preview
    report off
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