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Checking Bottom Immersion for EM-385
    proj chk_bot
    read box
    dr 3
    vcg 5
    solve we lcg tcg
    `--- User to enter critical points below: ---
    `crtpt(1) "freeboard amidships" 25 10 10 /noflood
    crtpt(2) "bottom fwd port"  0 10p 0 /noflood
    crtpt(3) "bottom aft port" 50 10p 0 /noflood
    crtpt(4) "bottom fwd stbd"  0 10s 0 /noflood
    crtpt(5) "bottom aft stbd" 50 10s 0 /noflood
    variable BotCrN=4,BotCr1=2  `the bottom is defined by 4 consecutive critical points starting with point 2.
    `--- No need to change the macros that follow. ---
    variable (st) Pass=TRUE
    variable PassN=0
    macro ChkPt  `%1:CrtPt Number; %2:<|>; %3:limit; %4:variable to return margin; %5: variable to track number of passing points
     variable ptHt=0
     height(%1) ptHt /access
     if {ptHt} %2 %3 then set %5={%5} plus 1 else set %4=FAIL
     \Point %1 is {ptHt} above the waterline.\
    macro ChkBot
     set Pass=PASS, PassN=0
     \Verifying Bottom Immersion\
     .ChkPt({BotCrN},1) {BotCr1} < 0 Pass PassN
     \{PassN} of {BotCrN} bottom points are immersed.\
     \Check Bottom Immersion               { Pass}\
    \Crane Load 400t as slew angle of 45 over the stbd aft quarter.\
    boom "crane load" 400 25,0,20, 20,45,0
    variable l,t,v
    add "crane load" * l t v/access
    crtpt "crane load" {l},{t},{v} /noflood
    di(*) status profile:outboard, plan:be, body @50@25@0 /sync
    `show a passing condition
    add "crane load" *-200  `just change the hook load value.
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