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Demonstrates that PM adjusts cylinder diameter to correct volume
    proj cylfacet
    variable s1=4, s2=8, s3=16, s4=32, s5=64, s6=128, s7=512
    enter pm
     create spacing.c
      ends -50 50
      out 20
      top 0
      bot -1
     macro cyl
      create c%1.c\c%1.c
       cylinder({s%1})  0,0,0, 0,0,10, 5
       spacing 5
     .cyl(7,1) 1
     Write CylFacet.GF
    Macro TankLen
     Tank C%1.c
     v r%1 a%1
     set r%1= {TEndA} minus {TEndF} div 2
     `Area = 1/2*n*R^2*sin(360/n)
     set a%1= 360 div {s%1}
     set a%1= sin {a%1}
     set a%1= 0.5 times {s%1} times {r%1} times {r%1} times {a%1}
     \ { s%1}    { r%1:2}   { a%1:2}
    \Area of a circle of dia 5 = 19.635
    \Sides  Vertex Radius  Area
    .TankLen(7,1) 1
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