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Demonstrates a method of making a fore & aft symmetrical hull from one (the forward) end.
    `Demonstrates a method of making a fore & aft symmetrical hull
    `from one (the forward) end.
    project dblend
    `For this demonstration we will make geometry file containing
    `a simple hull representing the forward end:
    enter pm
    create hull\hull.c
    ends 0 25
    top 10
    bot 0
    out 1 @ 0, 10 @ 25
    quit pm
    `Now enter PM to complete the hull:
    enter pm
    create temp\temp.c
     class hull
     shape hull.c
    delete hull
    `At this point we are left with only the reversed end as temp\temp.c.
    create hull\end2.c
     shape temp.c   `<-- borrow the shape from temp.c
     vector 50 0 0 `<-- vector this aft end to position
     join hull.c
    delete temp  `<-- delete the temp part
    quit pm
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