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Especially useful for finding the maximum reaction at aft block.
    `Especially useful for finding the maximum reaction at aft block.
    `***This run file works best if the GF file origin is located at the bow
    `***This run uses CRTPT(1) to set the draft, it will be overwritem if
    `   previously defined
    `***This run file allows two series of longitudinal CL blocks so that two
    `   different spacings can be used.
    `***This run file allows only one side block per side.
    `proj tanker0`set the project name to be the same as your GF filename
    read tanker0`Read geometry
    report {project}
    `         User Input
    `Set Initial Ship Condition
    lbp 5, 95`assign the forward and aft draft locations
    `Set the waterplane by entering drafts or lightship weight
    `->Be sure to select the correct solve method below (after the macros)
    draft 5.5 @ FP, 6.10 @ AP`Set initial drafts
    `WEIGHT =  64.5 @ 0, 65.7 @ 95`Or set initial weight distribution
    `weight =  128@0, 128@24, 0@24, 0@71 130@71, 129@95
    `weight report /profile
    vcg 5`Estimated VCG
    `Enter block locations and other data
    variable la, lf, lb dl1, dl2, m, n, n1, n2, s, sz, ns, ls, ts, vs
    set la = 88`Location of aftmost block from origin (see geometry file)
    set lf = 8`Location of foremost block from origin (see geometry file)
    set lb = {la} minus {lf}
    set n = 20 `Max number of blocks
    set n1 = 3`Number of blocks in first series
    set dl1 = 10`Spacing between blocks (aftmost series)
    set n2 = 3`Number of blocks in second series
    set dl2 = 20`Spacing between blocks (second series)
    `Note: n1 + n2 < n-2 (n-2 accounts for side blocks
    set ls = 58`Side Block long. location from GF origin
    set ts = 3.5`Side Block transverse location from CL
    set vs = 0.0`Side Block vertical point of contact above ship's BL
    set m = .10`Increase this number to increase penetration (deformation)
    `higher for less stiffness, more penetration
    `In this example, penetration is block deformation
    `m = 0.2 typical value used for grounding calc, values varies
    `depending upon length of vessel and soil condition, etc.
    set ns = 15`Number of steps to report for drydocking evolution
    set sz = 0.5 `Step size factor (increase for larger steps)
    `Trim divided by 15 (arbitrary factor), this factor is used
    `in conjunction with "ns" factor
    set s = 0`.003`Dock floor slope (tangent of angle, positive = aft trim)
    `         End of User Input
    variable l,p,dl,dp,x,t,stepnum
    set x = 0`initialize variable used to set height of the ship
    set stepnum = 1 `initialize variable used to report the step number
    macro mk_block
     set l = {la}
     set dl = {dl1}
     set s = tan {trim} minus {s}
    ` if {s} < 0 then \Error: Trim must be greater | REPORT OFF | END
     .blocks ({n1}) `Makes first (aftmost) series of aft blocks
     set l = {l} plus {dl}
     set dl = {dl2}
     set l = {l} minus {dl}
     if {n2} > 0 then .blocks ({n2}) `Makes second series of aft blocks
     .block {ls} {ts} {vs} "Stbd Side " `Make side blocks
     set ts = minus {ts}
     .block {ls} {ts} {vs} "Port Side "
    macro block`Creates a ground point to model a block
     if {n} = 0 then exit | \ Error: Increase number of blocks, n.
     set t = %1 minus {la}
     set p = {s} times {t}
     ground "%4Block @ %1" * %1 %2 %3 /pen: {p} {m}
     set n = {n} minus 1
    macro blocks`Calls macro block to create a series
     .block {l} 0 0
     set l = {l} minus {dl}
    macro mk_point
     part hull
     ref {la} 0 0`Define reference point at the location of the aft block
     set t = minus {height}
     crtpt (1) "Tracking pt." {la}, 0, {t} `Used to adjust waterplane
     `REF 0 0 0
     part off
    macro status`Report macro
     status displ:total, wpl:total
     `status ground `use this Cmd for simplified report
     ground report `use this Cmd for complete report
    macro SetStep
     set t = {s} times {lb}
     set t = {t} times {sz}`The variable t now contains the step size
    macro step`Define macro to increment waterplane
     set x = {x} plus {t}
     height(1) {x} `Sets the waterline relative to the critical point
     solve trim `Find equilibrium holding heel constant
     \---Report Step {stepnum}---\
     set stepnum = {stepnum} plus 1
     display status /sync
     if {displ} < 2 then \More steps than needed. | print prev | report off | exit /clear
    `         End of Macro Definition
    solve weight, lcg`Solve using drafts
    `solve`Solve using weight
    \---Report Initial Condition---\
    status crtpt
    .step ({ns})  `Number of steps in parentheses
    if {displ} > 2 then \Docking not complete |;;
    \Increase number of steps(ns) or step size(sz)
    print preview
    report off
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