Did you know...?

#0: View menu spotlight

The new View menu provides easy access to a wide range of options for customizing how you want your GHS environment to look and behave. Let's shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting of these new View options.

Split command area: splits the GHS work area into a white Display area on top of a black Command area. Typed-in commands stay in the Command area, while all command output appears in the Display area.

Command lines: sets the number of lines in the split Command area. If "0" command lines are chosen, then the command area disappears when not needed but temporarily reappears as a single line whenever command input is requested. Repeatedly pressing Ctrl-E or Up arrow key reaches into a deep history of earlier commands, regardless of the number of visible Command area lines.

White command area: turns the normally black Command area white.

Black display area: turns the normally white Display area black.

Scroll -> Off: causes GHS to wait before output of a new line when the Display area is full, so that no information will be missed. This setting is always in effect whenever "Split command area" mode is turned off.

Scroll -> On reports: turns on scrolling for reports in the Display area. Every time a new report command (such as RA, STATUS, etc.) is issued, the Display area is cleared and all future output is send to the Display area with no implicit waiting even when information has to flow off the screen. In this case a scroll bar appears so that the entire report and any subsequent output may be viewed by scrolling up and down, either using the scroll bar or keying PgUp and PgDn (by pages) or Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down (by lines). This is the default scroll setting in "Split command area" mode.

Scroll -> All: turns on scrolling for all output in the Display area. This is the same as the default "Scroll -> On reports" setting except that the Display area is not cleared when a report command is issued. Therefore all Display output is collected in one big scrollable region, which only gets cleared when an explicit CLS or CLEAR command is given.

You'll need GHS beta version 9.84 or later to try out this feature from the upcoming version 10.00 release. If you need help updating your GHS version, contact support@ghsport.com.

Copyright (C) 2005 Creative Systems, Inc.