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#15: GHS Software Used by High Tech Cowboys Check out WIRED Magazine 16.03 for an exciting article written by Joshua Davis about a high-stakes salvage operation in Wide Bay, Alaska that used GHS software. Naval architect and former Creative Systems, Inc., employee, Phil Reed, modeled the Cougar Ace, evaluated tank conditions, and simulated ballast conditions on-board, during the salvage operation.

The Cougar Ace nearly capsized while in the process of releasing water from the ship's ballast tanks. The tanks were filled in Japan, and the ship was in the process of emptying foreign water while simultaneously refilling the tanks with local water to prevent contaminating American marine waters. This is a complicated procedure. Not only must the addition and subtraction of tank water be calculated precisely, weather conditions and cargo placement and weight are major factors as well. In the case of the Cougar Ace, the ship's ballast tanks failed to refill properly, throwing the ship off balance. As the ship listed portside, a large swell pushed it further, causing the ship to capsize. GHS software is used by salvage operations around the world to right capsized boats or even to float and right sunken vessels.

For the entire story, called High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace, U.S. Coast Guard images, and a video of the salvage operation, go to: http://archive.wired.com/science/discoveries/magazine/16-03/ff_seacowboys?currentPage=all

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