Did you know...?

#2: Custom plots

It's now easy to add colorful customized plots to your GHS reports. Just use the following 5 steps:

1. ME PLOTSTART "title" - Starts a plot with the given title.

2. ME PLOTLABEL "labelX", "labelY1", "labelY2",... - Specifies labels for each table column. The first column ("X") is the independent variable, against which subsequent curve columns ("Y1", etc.) are graphed. If the character "%" appears in a curve label, then the curve is not plotted on the general scale, instead using a scale factor ratio that replaces "%" in its displayed label. If ME PLOTLABEL is skipped, then labels "X", "Y1", "Y2", etc. are used by default.

3. ME PLOTSTYLE styleY1, styleY2,... - Specifies styles for each curve column. Style "L" draws straight lines between plot points, while default style "C" draws smooth curves between plot points. If ME PLOTSTYLE is skipped, then smooth curves are used for all columns.

4. ME dataX1, dataY1, dataY2,... - Specifies a row of plot data for each column. There can be as many data rows as desired, but be careful that the independent variable ("X") values are all either increasing or decreasing.

5. ME PLOTEND - Finishes the plot. It's okay to mix NOTE commands among the MESSAGE plot commands; when ME PLOTEND is reached, the entire plot is gathered together and sent to the report file.

You'll need GHS beta version 9.88A or later to try out this feature from the upcoming version 10.00 release. If you need help updating your GHS version, contact support@ghsport.com.
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