Did you know...?

#3: Print preview improvement

PRINT /PREVIEW and REPORT CLOSE /PREVIEW now display using much higher quality under NT-based operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7. Higher-quality previewing takes more time, so you may experience slower response time on less powerful systems. If you prefer faster previewing using lower quality, you can toggle "Speedup" mode on the right-click menu or press the "S" key.

The Print Preview program PP has also been improved to automatically resize its window when zooming in or out. Zooming can be done using right-click menu selections or by using hotkeys like "+" for zoom and "-" for reduce. Other page size hotkeys include pressing "0" to restore the original "Full page" window. Reduced displays smaller than "Full page" size are now available by repeatedly pressing the "-" key.

You'll need GHS beta version 9.88 or later to try out this feature. If you need help updating your GHS version, contact support@ghsport.com.

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