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#7: Load Editor with windows (LEw) display areas

If you have used the GHS Load Editor (LE) and not yet tried the newer Load Editor with windows (LEw) you might be interested in a quick description of the various windows or areas on the LEw screen.

1. The main status box is continually updated with the latest heel, trim, weight, center of gravity, GMT, etc..

2. A supplementary draft status box shows drafts for up to three locations (such as forward, midship, and aft drafts).

3. Stack of warning lights to alert the operator about conditions like flooding, damage, overfill, water on deck, hogging, sagging, wind, etc.

4. Push-button activation of standard functions such as selecting spreadsheet mode, solving for heel, toggling autosolve mode, zeroing heel, and summarizing Longitudinal Strength. Additional functions can easily be assigned to a central macro button or any number of optional tool-bar buttons.

5. The main data spreadsheet allows editing of tanks, fixed weights, ground points, thrusts, and pull forces. A cursor marks the current field, while other editable fields in the current row are highlighted in gold. A scroll bar appears right of the spreadsheet if it is too small to hold all available parts. Each column header can be clicked to sort by that column; clicking again reverses the sort order.

6. Graphics display profile and plan views of the vessel, with the current part highlighted. Clicking a tank selects it on the spreadsheet; right-clicking pops up tank information and allows moving fixed weights to a new location.

7. Optional boxes appear in an extra area when LEw is configured to include Crane Data, Crane Input, or Heeling Moment Input boxes.

8. An attached Condition Graphics window picturing current vessel loading conditions is tightly integrated and synchronized with LEw changes. This CG window appears when LEw is started with the /CG parameter or when the CG button is pressed.

All these display areas dynamically reconfigure themselves when the LEw window is resized by dragging on its border. Try clicking and dragging a corner in all directions to see the range of appearance options possible for LEw.

If you have any questions or would like information about how to order the LEw module, contact support@ghsport.com.

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