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Making GLMs and Selling them to your Clients

If you are a current GHS user and if you have a Geometry File and light ship weight information, you can easily make a GLM and sell it to your client for use aboard the vessel and/or in his office. The process is as follows.

1. Contact Creative Systems and order the GLM Configurer's license which authorizes you to use GLM_Maker, the GLM Configuration Wizard, and to be a distributor of GLMs. You will receive an upgrade to your GHS.KEY file that enables your system to configure, build, and test GLMs. It also gives you the ability to use the new LEw version of Load Editor in your regular GHS work. Your only cost is adding the LE, LEw and CG modules to your GHS system (if you do not already have them).

2. Download the GLM Configurer's package

3. Unzip the package and copy all of the files into your GHS program directory.

4. Run GHS and pull down the Wizard menu. In the All category find GLM_Maker and run it. Instructions are self-contained in the wizard. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties, email or call Creative Systems for help. Any optional features such as LS and MB (any features that employ multiple geometry files require MB) must be included in your GHS license before they can be incorporated into the GLM.

5. When the GLM is complete, zip the files in the working directory (not the test directory) and email them to Creative Systems to get a price quotation for the software.

6. Add your labor costs and profit to the software quotation. If this is a preliminary version for the purpose of demonstrating it to your client, add the additional hours you estimate that you will spend in finishing it.

7. Arrange for a demonstration with your client.

8. When he gives you the go-ahead, use the GLM_Maker wizard to add the required features or details. If the client wants something that does not seem to be supported by the wizard, contact Creative Systems and ask about the feasibility of adding it.

9. When the final version is ready, again email the files from the working directory to Creative Systems and ask them to put together the final package which they will then place in a special location on their web site and notify you so that you can download it. They will also prepare printed copies of the manual (let them know how many you need) and one or more CDs containing all the files ready to be installed on your client's computer. They will ship these materials, along with the software invoice, to you.

10. Before starting the next GLM project, download the latest GLM Configurer's package (there is no charge for this update if your GHS system is current).

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