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Ground reaction for superimposed ground points
    `Download BOX.GF for use with this example.
    proj grnd_pts
    read box
    we 6000
    lcg 25
    tcg 0
    vcg 4
    Ground "1" *,25,0,0    /Pen:0,2    /linear
    Ground "2" *,25,0,-0.5 /Pen:-0.5,1.5 /linear
    variable Pen, dr1
    set drloc8 = 25
    set dr1 = {drvalu}
    report react
    me plotstart "Ground Reaction for superimposed Ground Points"
    me plotlabel "Penetration (m)" "Total Ground Reaction (MT)"
    macro point
     dr = %1
     set Pen = %1 minus {dr1}
     me {Pen} {React}
    .point(20, .1) {dr1}
    me plotend
    print prev
    report off
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