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Progressive flooding simulation using the LOAD FLOW and CRTPT commands
    `Progressive flooding simulation using the LOAD FLOW and CRTPT commands
    `Download the sample report:
    `Download BARGE.GF which is used in this run file:
    clear | clear all
    proj prog
    cont(*) "Flooding" 1.025
    dr 4
    vcg 5
    so we lcg
    load (*) 0
    macro fld `%1: time increment for flow in minutes
     di(*) status plan, body @50 @40 @30 /yesempty /fra
     load(*) flowc: %1 minutes
     st we`:brief
     wait 0.25
    macro deltaHt
     refpt(hull) 40 5 2
     refpt(t2.s, t3.s) 40 5 2
     \{15}Checking the distance to the three relevant waterplanes
     \{15}to see if the full equilibrium has been reached.
     part hull
     \Crtpt2 is {height} above the external waterline.
     part t2.s
     \Crtpt2 is {height} above the internal waterline in {pname}.
     part t3.s
     \Crtpt2 is {height} above the internal waterline in {pname}.
     \{15}If not close enough, reduce the time step and flow again.
    di(*) status plan, body @50 @40 @30 /yesempty /fra /sync
    \{11}This run file demonstrates progressive flooding using LOAD FLOWC.
    \{11}Critical points are used to model openings which permit flow.
    \{11}Initial head pressures across each opening determine flow rates,
    \{11} which are constant for the specified time interval.
    crtpt "Hole in T3.S"      50 10 0 /tank:T3.s /open:0.4
    crtpt "From T3.S to T2.S" 40  5 2 /tank:T2.s /open:0.4 /inside:T3.s
    st crtpt
    \\{11}Next will allow flow for 25, 1-minute long, time steps.
    \{11}Note: The body view at Bulkhead2 shows the level in Tank 3.
    .fld(25) 1
    \{11}Did you see Tank 3 fill up to CRTPT 2 before Tank 2 started to fill?
    .fld(5) .5
    .fld(5) .25
    \{11}The two tanks have filled to match the external waterplane.
    ME "The report which will open momentarily documents each time step.
    print preview
    report off
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