Displacement in Curves of Form is incomplete.
Questions: We recently determined the displacement from the GHS Curves of Form through the COMPONENT command. Then I ran a condition at the same draft and got a different (larger) displacement in the STATUS report. Why does the program give two different answers to the same question? Am I missing something? Answer: You were using volumes of the HULL.C component. The HULL part consists of two components: HULL.C and KEEL.C. If you had printed out the KEEL.C curves of form you could have added the two volumes at a given Reference Point Depth and gotten the total volume. A better way is to use the HS or GHS command for your displacement curve. These are for getting hydrostatic properties and they automatically give you total displacement. The GHS command also has the advantage of using draft for the independent variable. As a rule, only PART totals are shown. If you want to delve down to the component level, then you use the COMPONENT command.

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