How to make floodable superstructure.
Question: I have a basic hull and I would like to add an Accomodation, a CO2-room to port and two switchboard rooms on the deck. How do I add these deck houses to the model and make them be part of the displacement and also be able to flood them?
Your Part Maker Run File would include commands like the following. CREATE HULL\CO2.P `<-- This is buoyant superstructure, a hull component. ... / CREATE HULL\SWITCHB.C `<-- Likewise. ... / CREATE CO2.P `<-- This is a "tank" -- the internal space. SHAPE HULL\CO2.P `<-- This means "borrow the shape used by HULL\CO2.P". / CREATE SWITCHB.P SHAPE HULL\SWITCHB.C / CREATE SWITCHB.S SHAPE HULL\SWITCHB.C / Making the tanks in this manner is the most efficient, because you are just borrowing the shapes, not making new ones. (COMP usually can be used as a substitute for SHAPE here). But in general you can make the tank inside the superstructure just as you would in a hull: CREATE CO2.P ENDS ... etc. FIT HULL\CO2.P /

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