Is GLM suitable for Container Ships?
Question: Is it possible to use the Load Editor and GLM for a container ship, to plan and evaluate how to stow containers?
Yes, the Load Editor is applicable to any type of vessel including container ships. On the other hand, it is not particularly specialized for dealing with all of the information related to containers. Basically, the ADD command is used to represent each location on the vessel which may have a container. Or, if you do not want to go into that much detail, you can use one ADD command for each stack of containers, etc. Since you cannot have more than 200 ADDed weight items at once, special techniques are available for handling large numbers of ADDed weights. This involves combining several weights and replacing them with one. (See the ADD command documentation "Combining Weight Items".) In this manner you can represent each hold with a single weight item. Then when you want to deal with a particular hold, the ADD commands for it are brought back in from a file. Using this technique, you can effectively deal with several thousand ADDed weight items representing individual container locations.

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