When I view the graph produced for hydrostatic properties the results are
quite intriguing.  The lines produced for the LCF and the Moment to trim are
very wobbly, can you provide some assistance.


The wobbly lines are caused by a rather low deadrise aft which makes the aft
waterplane endings "blunt" or wide and interpolation of waterplane endings
between stations difficult.  The remedy is to reduce the station gaps there.

As a quick test, I used MC to enrich the entire hull:

  MC filename.GF FIXUP /MAXGAP%:1

and got the result represented on the attached pages.

Although the GF after fixup is still smaller than it was originally (because
it removed unnecessary points as well as adding more stations), you could make
it even smaller and faster-running by adding stations only at the stern using
/FILL@ rather than /MAXGAP.

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