We are having difficulty using GHS to evaluate the Water on Deck Criteria for
fishing vessels as specified in 46 CFR 28.565.  We have tried the run files
and some hints in the manual with no luck.  Can you provide us with a runfile
or suggestions.


I think the following run file demonstrates how 46 CFR 28.565 can be applied
using GHS.

proj uscgwod read enter pm create bulwark.c `Create a tank to model the volume between bulwarks ends -23.10, 35.0 top 17.0 bot 13.0 out 11.0 fit (external) hull.c / display write quit pm report draft 8.0 vcg 11.0 solve weight, lcg crtpt (1) "Flood pt" -23.1, 11.6, 17.0 tank bulwark.c ref 0, 11.0, 17.0 load 1.0 type spilling angle 0 2.5 ... 90 hmmt tank `<--- derives an hmmt curve from bulwark.c load 0 `<--- the hmmt will be used in lieu of the tank model limit(1) ratio from abs 0 to abs 40 or ra0 > 1 limit(2) ratio from abs 0 to fld or ra0 > 1 fix trim ra /lim:attained report close end