Is there a way to extract the righting arm plot from a report?

In the past (and currently) we have been printing to pdf, cropping, then saving as jpg --- which is somewhat time intensive, depending on the number of righting arm curves.

Is there another way to open (and display) the GHS output (including graphs) other than printing a report?


See GHS Help COPY for details on how to convert image formats in GHS.

/CONVERT[:qual] [/CROP:x,y,nx,ny] [/DPI:d] [/printparams] Converts image format according to file extension. Supported conversions are:
(1) ".JPG" to ".BMP";
(2) ".BMP" to ".JPG";
(3) ".PF" to ".PPF"; and
(4) ".PF" or ".PPF" to ".JPG" or ".BMP".
Conversions to ".JPG" support an optional quality setting from 0 to 100 (default=75). Conversions from ".PF" or ".PPF" support all optional PRINT file slash parameters and (if to images) dots per inch and crop region in inches from left, from top, width, and height.

You can run the attached example, convert.rf to see how this actually works.

draft 4.5
vcg 5
so we,lcg

report off

copy raplot.jpg /convert /dpi:90 /page:2 /crop:0,1,8,5.25
shell RAplot.jpg
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