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Using READ (DATA) to propagate variables
    proj I-O
    clear all
    `Create a simple text file with three columns of data
    me (report) test.dat
    me 1 2 3
    me 4 5 6
    me 7 8 9
    me (report) off
    `Add a fourth line to the test.dat
    write (lines) test.dat 10 11 12
    view test.dat
    `Begin commands to read data into variables.
    variable n=0
    Macro lines  `while loop that reads three variables from each line
     if eof then exit      `while not EOF do
     set n = {n} plus 1
     variable X{n}, Y{n}, Z{n}
     read X{n} Y{n} Z{n}
     exit lines            `exit vice execute avoids recursive macro error
    `Read the first three values in each row into newly created variables
    read (data) test.dat
    read (data) off
    `Write the variables to a txt file to verify.
    write (variables) variables.txt
    view variables.txt
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