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Rotating a station to create a sail component
    `An example demonstrating how to make a sail part by rotating sections.
    proj rig
    enter pm
    create sails
    class sail
    comp main.s
    `The station will be rotated to become a profile located 0.01 off centerline
    `(this works better than using 0.).
    `Transverse offsets will become longitudinal.
    loc @ -.01 = 10 15, 10 60, 20 15
    comp mizzen.s
    loc @ -.01 = 25 15, 25 40, 30 15
    create hull.c
    ends 0 45
    top 10
    bot 5
    out 5
    quit pm
    `Rotating each sail component and merging it into
    mc (sails\main.s) /profile
    mc (sails\mizzen.s) /profile
    draft 7
    vcg 3
    so we lcg
    wind 50
    hmmt wind
    st we di lp
    hmmt report
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