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Max VCG with the RINA Lifting criterion.
    `Max VCG with the RINA Lifting criterion
    proj rinalift
    read tanker
    variables p, d, m
    set p = 50
    set d = 45
    set m={p} times {d}
    hmmt {m} /C1
    \p = {p}   d = {d}   heeling moment = {m}\
    limit angle at equ < 15
    `GZc GZm>GZc/0.6 -> GZm-GZc>GZc*(1/0.6-1) -> (GZm-GZc)/GZc>0.667
    limit rise > 0.667
    `A1>At*0.4 -> A1>(A1+A2)*0.4 -> 0.6*A1>0.4*A2 -> A1>0.667*A2 -> A1+A2>1.667*A2 ->(A1+A2)/A2>1.667
    limit ratio from equ to RA0 OR FLD > 1.667
    maxvcg 5 6 7
    draft 6
    solve weight, lcg
    vcg max
    ra /lim
    print /preview
    report off
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