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Example of shortening a hull.
    `Example of shortening a hull.
    read `Optional read -- copies to working dir.
    mc (hull\hull.c) /newgf /nowait
    enter pm
    create hull\slicer1.c
    ends -60 200  `Cut at 60 fwd
    top 50
    bot -50
    out 50
    create hull\slicer2.c
    ends -40 -200 `Cut at 40 fwd
    top 50
    bot -50
    out 50
    create hull\fwd.c
    shape hull.c
    fit slicer1.c
    modify hull.c
    fit slicer2.c
    modify fwd.c
    vector 20 0 0  `This is the actual amount of the shortening
    join hull.c
    delete slicer1.c
    delete slicer2.c
    quit pm
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