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Demonstrates how to produce a sounding table for a tank with layers of substances having different densities.
    `Demonstrates how to produce a sounding table for a tank with
    `layers of substances having different densities.
    proj tanklayr
    units mt
    `Create a hull and tank for this demonstration:
    enter pm
    create hull
    ends 0 50
    top 10
    bot 0
    out 10
    create slurry.c
    loc @  5 = 0 0,  5 5,  5 10
    loc @ 25 = 0 0,  5 5,  5 10
    fit hull
    tube 5 0 0   5 0 10
    cont slurry, 1.2
    create sdelta.c
    shape slurry
    tube 5 0 0   5 0 10
    cont sdelta, 0.8 `Sand minus slurry
    quit pm
    `Start report
    variables snd, sand, sandmax, dens, x
    variables t,dt,maxt
    variables (string) name1,name2
    `This macro gets the data for one sounding, increments the sounding and repeats
    macro tc
     .snd {t}
     set t={t} plus {dt}
     if {t}>{maxt} then exit
     exit tc
    `This macro loads the superimposed tanks and displays the results
    macro snd
    set snd=%1
    load sound: {snd}
    set sand={snd}
    if {sand}>{sandmax} then set sand={sandmax}
    load ({name2}) snd: {sand}
    depth=0 | set x={displ} `<-- this forces it to calculate fsmmt
    set dens = {weight} div {tvolume}
    \{ snd:2}{ tvolume:2}{ weight:2}{ dens:3}{  lcg:2}{ tcg:2}{ vcg:2}{  fsmmt:1}\
    `This macro sets the primary tank name, displays header information, then executes tc
    macro sound
    `We must get rid of all other weights because the system WEIGHT and CG variables will be
    `used to get the weight and CG for just these tanks.
    load (*) 0
    delete all weights
    weight 0
    tank {name1}
    \-------- Layered Tank Sounding Table -------\
    \{pname} with sand at {sandmax:2} sounding\
    \   Sound      Volume     Weight  Density      LCG     TCG     VCG      FSMMT\
    \  -------------------{   wunit   }---------{ lunit }------------------------\
    `Set the
    set name1 = "SLURRY.C"
    set name2 = "SDELTA.C"
    set sandmax = 2.5  `sounding at top of sand
    set t=1      `initial sounding
    set dt=1     `sounding increment
    set maxt=10  `final sounding
    report off
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