GHS - General HydroStatics Creative Systems is the originator of GHS, the world-famous PC-based simulator of vessels in fluids and fluids in vessels - for ships, yachts, docks, drilling platforms, buoys, tanks, etc. - answering such questions as:
  • How deep and at what attitude will it float?
  • How much load will it carry?
  • When will it capsize?
  • Will it survive if damaged?

In addition, GHS calculates tank characteristics: volume and surface properties of any tank, pool, basin, etc. Also does: longitudinal strength - shear and bending moments, stress and deflection due to weight and buoyancy forces. Includes ground reaction: buoyancy arising from points of ground contact. The Multi-Body module gives GHS the ability to model the interactions of multiple vessels in a wide variety of configurations when latched together or resting on one another. Also available: grain shift calculations involving migrating void pockets.

Can GHS do a simple thing like creating a trim and stability book? Yes, of course. That's what it's used for most of the time.

There are four powerful, high-quality and economical software packages: All are available directly from Creative Systems, Inc. and from distributors.
Some of the newer or unique features of GHS:

SK Module
The exciting new Seakeeping module for GHS.
Crane Module
Crane Module for GHS & GLM

LEw Module
Click here to see a comparison between LE and LEw.
Wind Heeling Moments
Click here to explore wind heeling options.

GHS Report
Click here view a sample report.

Click here to compare report styles.
GHS-Com Module
Click here to learn about GHSCOM.

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